January 23rd, 2008 - There’s always next season…

So the Chargers didn’t win against the Patriots, that’s okay. They held up well, regardless of the injuries. Rivers played well, even without an ACL!

We all agree, it was disappointing to not see LT out in the field. But I’m sure LT was just as disappointed and I bet he was just “aching” to play. He has 2 great backups, Turner and Sproles. Let’s let others play! It was wise to keep LT at the sidelines. Would you be able to run or maneuver effectively with a sprained MCL? If you can, you’re not human. If Rivers had a sprained shoulder, do you think he would’ve played? No, he’d be at the sidelines as well. All the ridicule LT is receiving from “so called Chargers fans” is disheartening. We want LT at 100% for next season and the season after that, to score more points for the Chargers. Do you think people would care so much if the Chargers won against the Patriots?

I’m proud to say, the Chargers played honestly and didn’t cheat their way to the Superbowl.

Oh, way to go Kaeding for making those field goals!!!

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