January 7th, 2008 - Way to go Chargers!

What a game!! Husband and I were there and what an experience! We were fortunate to have dry seats and seats next to Chambers’ family! First half was a little worrisome, but second half made up for it. Strangers everywhere giving high fives! I’ve never seen such camaraderie! Final score against the Titans 17-6! What a victory! We have to applaud the Chargers for playing a great game, but special mention to Merriman #56, Phillips #95, Chambers #89, Jackson #83, Rivers #17, and of course LT #21! I’m sure my husband could add more to my list. Let’s hope Gates is better for the Colts game…

On 01/13, Chargers will be playing the Colts. Luckily (and I mean LUCKILY), they were able to beat Indy once. Let’s see a repeat!! (even though I am a Peyton Manning fan).

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